Thanks to the support of local experienced solicitors McGarry & Co and TBI Law, you can currently have a simple will created for you, for no fee.

Instead you can either support UTASS by donating the money that you have saved or by including a gift towards UTASS’ work in your will.

Your gift will feed into the heart of UTASS and will be helping us to continue our work together with farmers, young people and communities living across the Durham Dales into the future.


How does it work?

  • 1. Decide to get a will

    Decide you would like to get your plans in place whilst helping UTASS raise funds to support our work

  • 2. Contact the Solicitor

    Contact either of the two solicitors (McGarry & Co Solicitors 01833 600160 or TBI Law Firm 01833 638326) quoting Wills with UTASS throughout September and October 2022

  • 3. Attend Your Appointment

    Attend your appointment with your chosen solicitor

  • 4. Make a Donation

    Make a donation to UTASS (suggested donation £100 for a single will, £160 for a joint will) at the time of the appointment or include a legacy gift within your will

Please note: Additional fees may be payable should instructions require detailed wills or additional work, your solicitor will be able to discuss that with you at your appointment