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Funded Driver Training – Applications Now Open!

📣UTASS is delighted to announce that we are once again providing the chance for young people across the Dales to apply for support with driver training to help improve their opportunities for the future.

Thanks to a recent grant from The Wellesley Trust Fund at the Community Foundation Tyne & Wear and Northumberland, over £7000 is available to support the cost of Car/Motorcycle Driving Lessons, Quad Bike, Pre-Test Tractor Training or Lantra 13-15 Tractor Driving for young people.

Applicants are asked to demonstrate why they need the training and to indicate how it would improve their career prospects and/or enable them to access training and employment opportunities outside their immediate area.

📝All applications for this round must be received by UTASS by Sunday 7th May 2023 and applicants should be prepared to complete their training within 6 months, unless there are exceptional circumstances that prevent completion.

To be considered for funding, please complete an application form which can be found online at https://forms.office.com/e/kmpsX37GNp .

If you have any questions please contact Becca at UTASS on 01833 641010 or email rebecca@utass.org

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