Supporting Communities in the Durham Dales

UTASS works with and for the communities across the Durham Dales, helping people gain access to the services, advice and resources that they need to enable them to feel supported, valued, happier and more able to cope.

As a local charity, working across the dales for over 20 years, UTASS is passionate about helping people living and working here to overcome the challenges they may face.

Woodland School Enjoying Lets Learn Moor at Coldbury, learning about the Countryside Code and Farming in the Uplands

Help & Support

We provide a wide range of information and support services, social events and activities.

Staff from UTASS offer advice and practical support to farmers in completing complex forms and paperwork and can help set up more efficient computer-based record-keeping systems.We provide regular briefings, which distil key information relating to farm businesses into messages that are straightforward and easy to understand.

We know that support can be needed urgently and we want to be here for you when you need us.

If you need to talk to us urgently outside of normal office hours you can call 07393 606410

Services Available at UTASS

Post Office

Barnard Castle Post Office operate a satellite branch here at UTASS twice a week

Training & Support

Our programme of training not only helps people stay compliant within their industry, but also offers people the opportunity to  learn new skills and gain qualifications. 

Activities and Sessions

Activities and sessions